WALK with a LiMp

Play through your pain is what my pastor did say. ~ Rich Butler

“Never trust any one who doesn’t walk with a limp.” ~ Ron Kuykendall

I also believe that Tuesday night teaching today.

I’m not talking about a fake limp or strut that gives off an air of pride. Nor am I talking about a limp to win other’s over with your “hurting” guise.

I’m talking about a limp that comes from the bite of your life…from living in this dark world full of Satan, hardships, sin, and strife.

All of us have been striken by the venemous snake. If you don’t think you have, your limpless walk is fake.

Everyone has fallen short of the glory of God, because Satan speaks deception designed to destroy, kill…rob.

He strikes your proverbial heel and then shames you for your limp: “You’re a failure, stupid, disgusting. Yes, I’m talking to you! Stay down…you wimp.”

But you won’t!

You WILL get back up again. He may have caused your “Achille’s heel,” but your rise says his bite WON’T win.

Play while wounded. That’s what my pastor once exhorted us to do. So Marissa ROSE and walked with a proverbial limp.





You were discouraged. You were in so much pain. Then came Mallory disrobing you of shame:

“You can still come. Do what you can. Stroller Rollers mommas are here for you. We won’t judge you, friend.”

Just like a loving mother, who encourages her young out the nest, Mallory knew that when you show up while hurting, you can heal up the best!

Mallory w/ baby Vincent & Brittany “showing up”

That healing is not merely physical because it goes deep to a weightier part. When you show up while hurting, you heal down to the heart.

Wounded souls. Filled with shame. Fears. Insecurities galore. They can all keep you from “showing up.” Their weight can make life feel a chore.

But Brittany, your presence at Stroller Rollers spoke to my very soul:

“Get up. Show up. Confidence is a choice so that despite ‘heel’ weakness we can continue to ‘roll’.”

@Stroller Rollers ~ Brittany underneath the 3

Yes, your presence ignited my Spirit as it spoke to my soul:

“Get up. Show up. Confidence is a choice so despite ‘heel’ weakness we can reach our life’s goal!” (Ephesians 2:10)

God cursed the serpent saying, “You’ll strike heel, but He’ll bruise your head.” (Genesis 3:15)

You too crush his head by living your destined life. Brittany, you could have just stayed in bed.

You stood up. Got dressed. Put on your “smashing” boot. Your steps silenced the lies that kept you in hiding. Your example points to a deep, deep truth.

We all limp in this life. We all have a weakened heel. Each one of us have recieved Satan’s bite, and JESUS Christ footed our soul-healing bill.

Two thousand years ago on the Cross He was bruised by Satan for you and me. He snatched back the keys of death through resurrection…crushing Satan’s head with His VICTORY!

In the Garden how He wept, “Father, is there another way?” He got up, showed up, with blood mingled with sweat…and Surrendered His life that day.

Bruised for our transgressions. He too walked with a limp. He bore the weight of the Cross, proclaiming to the serpent,

“The Son of Man is NO wimp! I will be hung upon this tree. I’m doing it for them…even for MY Brittany!”

So Brittany you are CHOSEN in this life to stand tall. The enemy may have struck your heel, just as in some way he has struck us all…

Brittany: Chosen to Crush

But like Mallory, Father is saying don’t you just sit. “And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly” (Rom. 16:20).

Brittany, you too were CHOSEN to CRUSH it!

Keep getting up!

Showing up.

Put on the proverbial crushing boot. You are covered by Father’s love, and I pray complete restoration IS the proof.

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I am a passionate Jesus disciple, wife, mother, teacher, friend who's life mission is to "Reveal Christ to the lost, spur on the saints, and serve as a beckon of freedom through the edifying images I paint." My pen is my paintbrush, and words are my artistry. I plan to use them both to inspire us to live JoyfullyAlive, because WE WERE MADE TO THRIVE! "These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full." ~ Jesus (John 15:11)

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