Marissa…Marissa, Had a Great Fall

Three-tiered Health: Soul, Body, Spirit

When I look at my children and husband at the start of 2018, my eyes well up with tearful gratitude, especially as I consider how close I came to forfeiting my blessings because of poor choices.

Ariella, Judah, Andrew

I have a confession to make. This is perhaps the perfect public place to do it, so here…HERE…I go:

For many years one area of my life has frequently been far from flourishing. In fact, recently a college friend shared after I detailed my recent health scare:

“Marissa, you’ve never really prioritized your health.”

Admittedly, I would oscillate from fast to eating binge, even fasting sleep, my friends. I hadn’t been caring for my postpartum body as I should. And what do you know!? My health took a dovetail. It was no good.

I lost my footing.

I teetered on the precipice of bad health for a while, especially after giving birth to baby Judah. I wasn’t eating, drinking, or sleeping adequately and I took a great fall. Thankfully, unlike Humpty Dumpty, my “great fall” was redeemable.

“The King,” and His “horsemen” (God and some wonderful friends, family, and physicians) helped put my postpartum health back together again as I welcomed their loving care, wisdom and prayer.

My feet are grounded on wisdom’s floor, no longer teetering on a “wall,” bracing myself for another fall. I’m sleeping, eating, and drinking as I should.

All this to share that when one or more parts of our three-tiered health (spirit, body, soul) is out-of-wack, it opens us up to spiritual attack. (Refer to WHY i HAD TO DIE)

The airlines instructions for what to do once air pressure drops and masks fall from their compartments resonates with me for this reason. I must secure my mask before attempting to help others to secure theirs.

I require air…too, so secure this mother’s mask first is what I must do.

I’ve taken a hard blows to my health, but my recovery has come with unused wisdom FINALLY dusted off a proverbial shelf. I’ve heard it said from the pulpit that “anything left unmanaged will become a liability,” and that’s the truth I lived out…unfortunately.

I say “lived” because that’s in the past. By God’s grace, I’m on a steady incline towards thriving in health at last.

In fact,

I choose to view my future with hope.
Physicians, family and friends,
threw me a much-needed life rope.
They helped me to see that all isn’t lost.
I’m better than before,
though better health came at a cost.

Nothing can keep me from moving forward into my brighter days.
I have God to thank for my faith,
with both hands raised with praise.
Raised also in surrender to the Giver of life.
Thankful for the renewed joy of being His child,
a mother, daughter, sister, friend and wife.

Thriving is about body, soul and spirit,
and so long I have neglected one.
My body needed tending to,
because illness (in any facet) is no fun.
I thank God for the wisdom in which I now live,
for to be in good health equips me to better GIVE.

As you purpose to thrive in 2018, one thing is true:

Photo Credit: Giovanna Baldini’s ER eggs

We each have room for thriving growth. Where’s that room for you? Is it body, soul or Spirit.  What’s it for you today? Then (like me) ask God and friends for help along the thriving way.

Besides, we were made to THRIVE and not merely survive each (2018) day.

UPDATE: It was a journey towards healing…healing in two tiers. I was open to attack because my soul gave in to pride&fear. I wasn’t thinking clearly. The enemy was certainly involved. He took advantage of my body&soul weakness, BUT GOD…BUT GOD…BUT GOD. BUT GOD!

Want to hear my “BUT GOD” story? Read why God gets all the glory: WHY i HAD to DIE.

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Marissa Written by:

I am a passionate Jesus disciple, wife, mother, teacher, friend who's life mission is to "Reveal Christ to the lost, spur on the saints, and serve as a beckon of freedom through the edifying images I paint." My pen is my paintbrush, and words are my artistry. I plan to use them both to inspire us to live JoyfullyAlive, because WE WERE MADE TO THRIVE! "These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full." ~ Jesus (John 15:11)


  1. Avatar
    Tracie Cohen
    January 3, 2018

    What a beautiful soul you are my sweet friend! Thank you for your transparency and honesty. These are keys that will unlock many who are feeling trapped and a sure reminder that they are never alone. I look forward to many many more peeks inside your beautiful world of triumphs and victories!

    • Avatar
      January 3, 2018

      Tracie, you are such a gem! Thriving for me involves transparency. Gone are the days when I try too maintain my image for man’s praise. There’s so much freedom in helping others to know that they aren’t alone and then hopefully in doing so, together we can experience a world of triumphs and victories, hand in hand, from a place we both understand. You are one, Tracie who’s helped me to triumph.