Have you ever been fitted for something that it took you 5 years to use? Was the delay something that you HAD to choose?

Mine was a covering for a skin graft, taking tissue from one place and putting it somewhere else.

It wasn’t a challenging operation. Just a matter of better health.

I knew the need for it, but it simply wasn’t time. I visited the doctor’s office, they created the post-op cover, but I delayed signing on the dotted line.

Things needed to fall into place. I was meant to do the grafting–cutting out skin and putting it in a new space.

I’m not the wisest in terms of timing. I see a future picture, but my distance perception is often off.

I think it’s right around the corner, until I hear Heaven tell me pause:

There’s more inner work to be done. You’re fitted for the cover, but wait, Marissa, DO NOT RUN.”

Today I finally took the surgery seat. I was grafted, and that 5 year old post-op cover was a 2015-prepaid treat.

It’ll cover me as I journey through post-op healing ahead. It wasn’t time back then, but today Heaven turned “traffic light” green…from red.

Grafted Lesson:

It’s time for things in my life to relocate. I was fitted 5 years ago, but in Heaven’s eyes…today’s surgery wasn’t late.

Likewise, we’ve been fitted for a unique destiny. No one else can fit your journey shoes, even though the delay may be something you didn’t choose.

As with today’s grafting, relocation can take 1-5 years or more. Perhaps in the waiting God was prepping the right people behind that 111 Powell office door.

Perhaps in the waiting, you realized God pre-planned that the painful grafting, would IN THE RIGHT TIME lead to more.

It’s About TIME!

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Marissa Written by:

I am a passionate Jesus disciple, wife, mother, teacher, friend who's life mission is to "Reveal Christ to the lost, spur on the saints, and serve as a beckon of freedom through the edifying images I paint." My pen is my paintbrush, and words are my artistry. I plan to use them both to inspire us to live JoyfullyAlive, because WE WERE MADE TO THRIVE! "These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full." ~ Jesus (John 15:11)

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