Ever Present

Featured Image: Rekindled Hopes of the Unseen by John Richard Pozon Featured Image: Rekindled Hope of the Unseen by Richard John Pozon

God isn’t a parachute…safeguard just for emergencies.

Call out, reach out when there’s no where else to turn

God isn’t a lifeboat…pulled out in all urgency

When the Titanic I erect either capsizes or burns


He is my ever-present help in times of trouble, yes!

Still, does He hide behind a cloud just waiting to save the day?

The God I know journeys through life with me

On the mountaintops or valley’s …come whatever may!


When life is pleasant,

Happiness at every corner

And everyone is in awe of my streets of gold


When what I long for most steps out of a dream

And becomes my daytime reality as the plot unfolds

In my gratitude, though my heart is lifted

My knees are perpetually bowed

The goodness in my life is from my Father

I will sing my praises to Him out loud


“No Trials!”, “No Troubles”, “No Tears”

These are not promised in the Holy Book I read

Great men and women endured such things

Yet have learned to live and die faithfully

Yes, my heart will rejoice and thank Him
For the respite of my soul,
Still this world is not my home.
His dweling is my eternal abode.

When hardships come,

Frustration at every corner,

And few understand the tears.

I call out to Him in my anguish

Trusting His promise

He’ll always be near.

I am confident He hears my cry.

His peace ushers in to calm the sea
Circumstances may not change,

 but change do I
His Presence always transforms me.

When days are brighter and I awake with a happy song in my heart

Or the dreary ones that can serve to be lighter,

Even so, it is well!

My psalm tops Heaven’s charts. My continual praise makes me a fighter:

Highest honor belongs to you

You are exalted above my circumstance

Should this day’s weather draw my heart from you

Not at all; in the sun or storm,
You and I, we dance

I live by the rhythms of your grace

With my life in tune with Your love…

Longing for the day when we’ll meet face to face

Until then, I seek those things above

Being in relationship with you, Abba, is my soul’s deepest delight.

I can welcome each day, confident in my own strength…

Hahaha, OH NO, rejoicing in YOUR love, YOUR might!

There is none like You, no God beside You

Who is willing to be acquainted with my pain

I don’t journey this life alone because of You!

Come whatever may You stay the same

Though this life too shall pass

My Ever Present You remain




Image by Richard John Pozon

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Marissa Written by:

I am a passionate Jesus disciple, wife, mother, teacher, friend who's life mission is to "Reveal Christ to the lost, spur on the saints, and serve as a beckon of freedom through the edifying images I paint." My pen is my paintbrush, and words are my artistry. I plan to use them both to inspire us to live JoyfullyAlive, because WE WERE MADE TO THRIVE! "These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full." ~ Jesus (John 15:11)


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    February 14, 2015

    Love it!! Amen! Too often we act as if God is an insurance policy. This is the heart of worship and adoration. So inspired!! Thank you for sharing!

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      February 14, 2015

      Precisely, my friend! You hit the nail on the head with that. Jesus said before He was crucified that in this world we will, not might, have troubles, but take heart because He has overcome. How? Well, for the joy set before Him He endured. I think that, at the very least, is part of the answer. Joy…It has to be based on something beyond what this world can offer. Good or bad, this all shall pass, but One Thing remains. His presence is everything!